Our Story

As Was Written exists to showcase and celebrate the quality writer. We do it through our semi-annual live shows featuring writers, musicians and comedians on stage.

We started as a gathering of friends in a crowded living room in 2009. Eight writers stepped up to a homemade lectern and read their original short stories and poems. An audience of 30 friends came out and supported us. Our next two home shows got bigger and better.

In 2010, we made the move to Alexandria's historic Lyceum. We offered tickets for the first time and sold out the 140-seat venue weeks prior to our Spring and Fall events.

Our lineups are handpicked from writer submissions, open mics and by asking individuals we're just plain fans of. Each event mixes successful pros down to up-and-comers that you've got to hear. It's a diverse group. We don't hang prerequisites over their heads. We believe that if you have the talent, we have a place for you on our stage. And on that stage, you get to share what you like.

We're a celebration of writing in all its forms. Everyone brings a unique voice and creative gift. The complimentary wine and homemade desserts don't hurt either. It's an atmosphere we like.

We hope you'll join us at our next event. Thanks in advance for your support.

John-Mark Davidson & Tim Hopkins
As Was Written Co-Founders

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